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Why Companies Choose Select Recruiting Group

Finding someone that has the right mix of hard and soft skills, along with the experience needed for your role, is challenging enough, and more so when you add in factors like cultural fit and geographic location. Many HR departments simply don’t have the time or resources to devote to a complicated search and may not know where to find the talent that they need.

At Select Recruiting Group, we know what today’s top talent looks for in a role. The high-quality candidates that we work with aren’t actively looking at new job opportunities. We know what makes these candidates sit up and take notice, and the relationships that we’ve built with the professionals in our network shows that they trust us to send them positions that will be an ideal fit, the same way in which companies trust us to deliver premium talent.

The SRG Recruiting Process

1. Intake Call

We have an in-depth conversation directly with the hiring manager to develop a full understanding of the role, the team, and the company’s overall vision and identity. By speaking directly to the manager, rather than HR representatives, we ensure that we are looking for the right type of talent for your needs.

2. Candidate Sourcing and Screening

We identify individuals who meet all of your criteria, both within our existing network of candidates and through research and outbound calling, to forge new relationships with high-quality candidates. Once we compile our list of potential candidates, we thoroughly vet and review each one prior to sending any resumes to your hiring team.

3. Candidate Selection and Interviews

The candidates that we send to you are hand-picked to match your role and requirements; very rarely do we suggest someone not chosen to interview. Once you choose which candidate(s) that you want to move through to next steps, we assist with scheduling interviews and feedback calls, to ensure a smooth experience on all sides.

4. Offer Negotiation

Our job market expertise is not only valuable during the search for the perfect candidate; it also comes into play during the conversations surrounding salary and benefits. We know what great talent expects in an offer and will help companies prepare enticing compensation packages.

5. Post-Hire Follow-Up

Our relationships with candidates and clients don’t end when the contract is signed. We aim to make placements that will last! We stay in touch with companies after completing a placement to ensure that your new employee is a successful addition to your team.

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